Vista Faire Demo

by Sore Thumb

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recorded with Peter Goett, June 2014


released June 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Sore Thumb California

If Roy Orbison was in a punk band - Sore Thumb aims to pull together the best parts of multiple decades. From 50s and 60s surf rock and pop, to 90s alternative and grunge, to the punk bands of the early 2000s, the members of Sore Thumb blend their disparate influences to make music that can make the booty bounce while also urging you to sing your heart out. ... more


  • Sep 22
    Oakland, CA

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Track Name: When I'm in New York
when i'm in new york i wont go to sleep. there's too much to do and secrets i can't keep. you wouldn't understand the reasons for what i did maybe you are right and i'm just an idiot kid.
at least i'm not a liar. i set my hands on fire. i drink gasoline, it hurts but it keeps me clean.
i wouldn't take it back, i'd do it all over again. and maybe i'll feel bad every now and then. i bite the hand that feeds, you know i never learn. i love to taste them bleed, i love to watch them burn.
at least i'm not a liar. i set my hands on fire. i drink gasoline, it hurts but it keeps me clean.
Track Name: Indian Giver
don't get mad we only play for fun. someone bleeds that's how we know we're done. bruises turn from blue to black, you can't have what you take back. just run, chop liver, yes i guess you're an indian giver now.

piss on me, i'll shit on you. the cadillac smells like cigarette fumes. i'm rubber, you're glue, what bounces of me sticks to you now.
Track Name: The New Plan
well the new plan is to give up on all plans. throw up our hands, say to hell with all demands. its too hard and i'm not smart, i'm stuck in the mud and it won't start. might as well hold my head under the water. i dont know why i even bother cause no one has control.

well, i quit quitting i dont give a shit. i'm just sick and tired is the gist of it. and its too bad that i'm too dumb cause i can't feel a thing cause i'm too numb. gonna stick my fingers in electrical sockets, keep my hands inside of my pockets cause no one has control

don't stop if i ask you to stop, its a little bit bad but its better
its boiling, brimming over the top, destiny hurts cause i let her
she never leaves me with anything to say but i wouldn't have it any other way.
Track Name: High Life
Unafraid of what evening holds, she's never been cruel or cold on this of town. that park down the streets just fine so let's go grab a few high lifes, have a wonderful thursday night. walk the traintracks in complete black, help up and guide drunk kids back to the streets that they tell they're from

these parents were once so proud of these kids that you've seen downtown smoking refries on public park benches i should know cause i've met so many of them.

buddy stole a fifth of private stock so put on your jacket, lets walk and drink this til we're blacked out. barely remember the walk home, don't know when i put this shirt on but oh what a time a we had

these parents were once so proud of these kids that you've seen downtown brown-bagging a forty of something, i should know because i've been one of them.